The full list of DNAinfo and Gothamist journalists to hire

Nov 03, 2017
The full list of DNAinfo and Gothamist journalists to hire

Media Twitter and devoted readers of DNAinfo and Gothamist were taken by surprise Thursday afternoon to find that the domains had been replaced by a barebones page featuring a message beginning:

Today, I've made the difficult decision to discontinue publishing DNAinfo and Gothamist. Reaching this decision wasn't easy, and it wasn't one I made lightly...

In making his decision, owner and CEO, Joe Ricketts cited economic difficulties in running a local enterprise dedicated to high quality journalism. Despite omitting the event from his letter, many in and outside of the company felt that the joint newsroom's decision to unionize last week was at least the final nail in the coffin if not the overriding factor in the shutdown. 

Whatever the circumstances, Muck Rack is dedicated to helping journalists in whatever way we can so below is a listing of former DNAinfo/Gothamist staff and links to their Muck Rack profiles. Take a look at their work and hire them! Many thanks to Peter Sterne from the Freedom of the Press Foundation and other contributors who put this Google Sheet together that helped us below. 

While their work was taken offline, Muck Rack portfolios at least preserve the titles and snippet of the body. If your name is omitted from the list you can head over to Muck Rack to set up a profile! If your name is on the list, we encourage you to claim your profile to edit it however you like! Either way it's easy to do and more importantly, free. If you have any trouble or questions, email me at

For more information on what Muck Rack can help journalists do, visit: 

Update: Now including locations! Thanks @heybellman for the suggestion.

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