New Muck Rack survey: How journalists find their news, use social media and work with PR teams in 2019

Jul 01, 2019
New Muck Rack survey: How journalists find their news, use social media and work with PR teams in 2019

As the media landscape continues to shift and evolve, it becomes more and more challenging for public relations professionals to figure out the most effective way to build relationships and communicate with journalists. 

Keeping up with the latest industry trends to better inform your communications strategy can be no easy feat. While some tactics may continue to work, others no longer make sense to the industry. 

That’s why we surveyed over 700 journalists to bring you actionable insights in our Annual Journalist Survey. 

Here are some of the key findings from the survey.

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On pitching  

  • The most preferred method of pitching among journalists is 1:1 email. Least preferred is by phone. 

  • 65% of journalists like to be pitched between 9-11am.

  • Lack of personalization is once again the #1 reason why journalists reject otherwise relevant pitches (25%), followed by bad timing (23%)

  • 1/3 of journalists want to receive pitches under 3 sentences in length, with another 61% preferring under 3 paragraphs. Only 6% of journalists would like to receive pitches over 3 paragraphs. 

  • 73% of journalists are OK with receiving a follow up to a pitch they didn’t initially respond to. Only 12% would prefer to not receive any type of follow up.

  • 76% of journalists are more likely to cover a story if offered an exclusive. 0% said they would be less likely. 

On social media 

  • 83% of journalists cited Twitter as the most valuable to them (up from 70% last year), followed by Facebook 40% (up from 22% last year).

  • Linkedin had the greatest increase year over year, ranked third with 5 times the number of journalists from previous years at 26% (up from 5% last year).

  • Once again, Facebook was the social network journalists said they plan to use least in the next year.

On the industry and working with PR pros

  • Journalists are consistently optimistic about the industry at 57% (compared to 55% in 2018)

  • 63% of journalists view their relationship with PR pros as mutually beneficial, but not quite a partnership (increased from 49% in 2018), while only 7% view it as a partnership 

Click here to download the full survey results

Hana Muasher is a senior marketing manager at Muck Rack and oversees demand gen, research, media partnerships, and events at Muck Rack.

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Senior Marketing Manager @MuckRack & @Sawhorse. @Yale grad.

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