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Marietta GA
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grandfather, organic gardener, lifelong leftist, former Panther, current Green, troublemaker, organizer

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Bandit Baltimore Cops and the Black Misleadershp Class by Glen Ford --If any city is in dire need of Black community control of police, it’s Baltimore — but first you’ve got to fight the Black Misleadership Class.
Freedom Rider: U.S. Escalates Syrian War by Margaret Kimberley – Having failed in its war of regime change in Syria, the U.S. seizes the nation’s oil fields and slaughters Syrian soldiers, confident that the U.S. public doesn’t give a damn.
The Independent Journalist Corner: A Conversation with Jon Jeter – Danny Haiphong --A left, independent journalist concludes that corporate journalism “is neither honest nor useful and tends to be injurious more often than not.”
If the Democrats Were Decent by Ann Garrison--The Democrats have plenty of Trump/GOP policies to run against, but they actively or passively acquiesce in most Republican crimes.
Jackson MS: Police Killings Continue Amid Mayoral Silence in the "Most Radical City on the Planet" by Adofo Minka Jackson MS “radical mayor” lifts police & fire residency requirements, is silent on continued police killings.
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