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Buying and renting out a vacation home for fun (and maybe profit) — If you've ever rented a vacation house with your family or friends - scrambling to find a week that works, then forking over thousands of dollars for it - you've probably entertained a certain daydream: What if I were the one collecting all this money?

If (insert candidate name) is elected, I’m moving to Canada! — No doubt you've heard someone utter this threat before - or even proclaimed it yourself - during a presidential election. And in a campaign cycle as (adjective) as this one, where the top two candidates - (adjective) Hillary Clinton and (adjective) Donald Trump - are disliked with record-breaking fervor, it's an especially popular sentiment.

Tips and tricks for making the most of a visit to Fenway Park — How to score tickets; Where to sit; Where not to sit; Getting there; Grab some grub; Kid stuff; The Green Monster; About the singing... My first memory of Fenway Park has the typical nostalgic hue: I'm 8 years old, walking up the ramp with my dad, the impossibly bright colors and sounds from the field revealing themselves in deeper, mesmerizing clarity with each step, casting a spell that would last a lifetime.

Why planning ahead is dead — I've never been a planner - I don't even keep a calendar, digital or otherwise. And make restaurant reservations? Are you kidding? How on earth should I know what I'll want to eat in six days - or even six hours? I'm not a fortuneteller, for Pete's sake.

Honestly, you don’t need that gas lawn mower — When my wife and I bought our home, we were overwhelmed - and not just by the lengthy to-do list that came with the 1920 fixer-upper. It was late summer, and the yard was out of control. We'd just closed on our new house, and Mother Nature was already threatening to repo it.

Rocked by skyrocketing home prices, buyers eye 495 — In the early 1950s, my grandfather built a house from scratch in Northborough. The endeavor was partially an act of love for my grandmother, whom he'd met and married while stationed in England during World War II. He was determined to build her an English-style cottage to ease her homesickness.

What is it like to live in Scituate? — Sixty years ago this week, the Etrusco , an Italian freighter, washed ashore in Scituate. No one knew it then, but the spectacle of the shipwreck, stranded for months near Old Scituate Light, sparked a growth spurt in the small South Shore town.

You want me to welcome summer? It’s not even spring yet! — By next weekend, you'll start seeing Sam Adams Summer Ale arrive in local bars and package stores. That news won't faze the guy down the street who inexplicably wears shorts all winter and drinks iced coffee in a snowstorm, but I find it a little early to be heralding the arrival of summer when it's officially winter until March 20.

Rocket Mortgage: Smart Idea, Terrible Super Bowl Ad — Millennials, many of whom are burdened with huge student debt loads, have been slow to buy their first homes - holding up the housing economy to some degree. And so Quicken Loans is making an overture to them with its new Rocket Mortgage app, promising the ability to apply for a mortgage in just a few minutes from your smartphone.

Is that renovation really worth it? — Every homeowner has a to-do list, from the have-tos (leaky roof) to the hope-tos (new kitchen). And when your house is an old one - in Boston, it usually is - that list grows quickly.
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