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The Plan To Save Capitalism From Donald Trump — At a private gathering of wealthy Republicans this June, a banker named Edward Conard made a radical proposal: To save capitalism from Donald Trump, American business leaders would need to abandon old allies and make an "odious" new deal with low-wage workers. "If advocates of the free enterprise want to regain control of the Republican Party ...

How Hillary Clinton Took Charge In The First Presidential Debate — Here is the story of this debate so far: Hillary Clinton is a strong debater, and she came to play. Donald Trump stood at center stage through most of a dozen presidential debates this fall, and should by all rights have been at the center of Monday night's.

Darkness Visible – BuzzFeed Collections — They have always been there of course: The overt racists with mainstream aspirations for their fervid journals and websites, full of theories about Jewish power and race science. And the trolls have always been there too, dark geniuses (and idiots) of 4chan and Reddit and their predecessors.

A Republican Who Thinks Trump Is Playing Too Nice

Strong Tropical Wave - Could Become Hermine Shortly — On cue the tropical Atlantic is getting active. There isn't much left of Fiona and Gaston is way out in the eastern Atlantic. The one system the United States needs to keep a close watch on is just east of the Lesser Antilles. A strong tropical wave continues to move west-northwest across the Atlantic Ocean Tuesday.

Donald Trump's New Media — The effective merger of Donald Trump's campaign for president and the obstreperous, resilient media outlet Breitbart makes more sense than anything else that has happened so far this crazy year. Trump's campaign has always been, to a degree greater even than the usual model campaign, almost entirely a media product: Trump on TV, Trump at rallies, Trump yelling on Twitter.

You’re Not Done With Al Sharpton Yet — In the early hours of Tuesday, July 27, 2004, I made my way out of the secure perimeter of the Democratic National Convention in Boston and toward the 7-Eleven just outside the fence, the last place to buy a liter of Coke for a long writing night.

What Peter Thiel Was Doing In Cleveland — If you want to understand what Peter Thiel was doing in Cleveland, you won't get much from reading his brief and quickly delivered convention speech, which was focused in surprisingly large part on the sort of thing political hacks expect technologists to talk about: the sad state of federal government IT.

BuzzFeed Edit News — Right before Britain voted to leave the European Union, this chart went viral: In short, the old voted to leave. And it looks like the old voted a lot more than the young. The young - with far longer to reckon with the change - are stuck with the result.

Selling Trump In Park City — The toughest guy in Park City this weekend was Anthony Scaramucci, a top Donald Trump fundraiser and his emissary to the anti-Trump resistance.
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Oct 01, 2016

RT @mitchprothero: I just congratulated a colleague for finding a soft core porn in which the GOP nominee for POTUS appeared.…

Oct 01, 2016

RT @jeneps: I've watched this video several times and am not yet done being amused by it

Sep 30, 2016

RT @joshua_landis: Audio Reveals That John Kerry Told Syrians American will not drive Assad from Power - @ABarnardNYT

Sep 30, 2016

RT @Marisa_Carroll: .@azeen did what few writers fixated on the politics of trans kids have done: Acutally hung out with a trans kid!

Sep 30, 2016

RT @conor64: The effect of protesting unduly light sentence for Stanford rapist: new mandatory minimums in California.

Sep 30, 2016

RT @nickconfessore: On phone, @patrickhealynyt asked Trump if he'd do 2nd debate, “I want to do the next debate, but everybody is talking about the mic.”

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