I write about energy as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. I started my journalism career in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 1996, writing about the end of the war and the country's first post-war elections, at an English-language news service run by the Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje. After returning to the U.S., I spent a few years reporting for The Associated Press and a business publication in Seattle. I landed on the energy beat in February 2002, three months after Enron filed for bankruptcy. Writing for and editing an energy-news publication, I spent the next 3-1/2 years wading through FERC documents and talking to lawyers of utilities who were suing Enron and other energy traders to try to get their money back. In 2006 I became a news editor on the energy desk at Dow Jones Newswires in NYC. I returned to San Francisco in 2008 to write about energy for the Newswires, and later for The Wall Street Journal. A highlight of my career was covering the 2010 UN climate talks in Cancun, Mexico (with Lonnie Iliff). I'll never forget the voices of diplomats from 200+ countries, giving speeches that were broadcast and web-streamed over several days, each enumerating the problems his or her country was struggling with because of climate change: droughts, floods, pests that were killing crops, crops that wouldn't grow, villages of people who had to leave their homes, poor people becoming poorer. The tales of woe continued day in and day out, like background music to the bustle of journalists and government workers.