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@DoctorGC I gotta go to bed but we should continue this conversation at Franklin Hall sometime. I'm very winnable to the "shouldn't have ended class basketball" side!
@DoctorGC Gotcha. So who knows what Halberstam was thinking there. Probably just trying to make a too-neat historical pivot. I still like the essay, flaws and all. The last part is him hanging with Knight while he recruits Jeff Oliphant.
@DoctorGC Totally agree with you on the number of classes currently. In the essay Halberstam talks about the Attucks beating Lafayette Jeff in 1955. He tried to make Jeff sound like another Milan -- that seemed off to me. Wasn't Jeff a pretty big school even in the 1950s?
@DoctorGC But I grew up five miles from Milan so like I said, I can see both sides of it. Maybe if they hadn't killed it there would have been more future spikes in interest like you're talking about.
@DoctorGC I guess above all the numbers say "change" to me. That's what people were really mad about. People on both sides of the class debate arguing that their preferred outcome was "for the kids." Meanwhile the kids cared more about AAU!
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