Greenwald’s partner detained in London

We all know Glenn Greenwald as the Guardian reporter who’s been breaking NSA stories directly from Edward Snowden. Today, we also know him as the man whose partner was detained at a London airport for nine hours on Sunday. Matthew Hall said, “So being the partner of a journalist is probable cause for being a 'terrorist' in the UK now? Wow.” Lionel at WPIX New York wrote, “That'll show him, huh?” Freelancer Helen Walters added, “Genuine irrelevant q: why did the Guardian pay for David Miranda's flights?”

Glenn Greenwald himself wrote about the incident in the Guardian saying, “Detaining my partner: a failed attempt at intimidation.” David Johnson with Al Jazeera English said, “Glenn Greenwald speaks out on the detention of his partner. Journalists should be outraged. Will they be?”

Also from the GUardian, Simon Jenkins wondered aloud Is Glenn Greenwald's journalism the reason David Miranda was detained? Colleague Ewen Macaskill tweeted this quote from the piece: "The innocent have nothing to fear? They do if they embarrass America and happen to visit British soil." Jay Rosen added, “UK friends: forgive my ignorance, doesn't doing the bidding of the American authorities get people angry in Britain?”

Alexandra Topping at the Guardian also had a go at this story saying: Detention of Guardian journalist's partner 'extraordinary', says Keith Vaz. Colleague Paul Lewis said, “Senior MP demands explanation after Guardian journalist @ggreenwald's partner detained under the Terrorism Act.” Ewen Macaskill there wrote, “Detention of Guardian journalist partner ‘extraordinary,’ says home affairs chairman who is to raise it with police.”

Yet another Guardian staffer, Roy Greenslade, wrote Deafening press silence greets arrest of Guardian journalist's partner. Jack Gillum from the Associated Press added, “Until it's one of theirs.”

Charlie Savage and Michael Schwirtz covered the development for the New York Times with Britain Detains Partner of Reporter Tied to Leaks. Dan McCrum at the Financial Times said the most important thing of all: “Encrypted Snowdon USB drives confiscated from Greenwald partner at Heathrow under UK terrorism laws.”

Andrew Sullivan had a different take on the situation: Cameron Proves Greenwald Right. Michael White at the Guardian wrote, “US-based ex-Brit pundit, Sullivan, no kneejerk leftie, gets context of Greenwald partner's London detention spot on.”

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