Gay reporter takes on the Kremlin

The Free Beacon reports that a Gay Reporter was Kicked Off Kremlin Network After Protesting Anti-Gay Law. Megan McArdle at Bloomberg News said, “Holy cow. Right now, you need to watch @jkirchick go on RT, goes postal on RT for Russia's anti-gay laws.” Nick Cohen at The Observer suggested, “If you see @jkirchick, buy him a beer.” Hunter Walker at Talking Points Memo went a step further: “Hey, @jkirchick drinks on me any time you're in NYC. Wonderful stuff here.”

Miriam Elder also wrote about this for BuzzFeed with Gay Reporter Thrown Off Kremlin Channel For Blasting Anti-Gay Law. Sam Paker at BuzzFeed suggested, “Get in there son.” James Downie with the Washington Post said, “This clip makes me glad that, with @AlyonaMink now at HuffPostLive, I don't have to watch RT anymore.” Justin Snow from Metro Weekly added, “Let's give @jkirchick a round of applause.”

And here’s the video of that Reporter Calling Out RT's Cover-Up of Russia's Anti-Gay Laws. Barry Malone with Al Jazeera English said, “This is a great watch -> Interviewee goes rogue on Russia Today, calls out anti-gay laws.” Nina Strochlic from Newsweek Global explained, “Rainbow-suspender-clad gay reporter gets kicked off the Kremlin network after protesting Russia's anti-gay laws.” Oliver Kamm at The Times added, “All credit to @jkirchick for speaking out, uninvited, on Putin's anti-gay laws on@RT_com, state propaganda channel.”

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