NBC News rewards Richard Engel with production unit

NBC News rewards Richard Engel with production unit

Congratulations to NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel in Syria, who's just been (deservedly) awarded his own production unit. That means he'll be producing short and long-form pieces for all NBC's platforms. "He deserves an armored vehicle too," noted CBS Chicago's Steve Grzanich. At the same time, Seth Wickersham of ESPN reflected, "In my next life I want to have the journalistic stones of @RichardEngel. As long as I don't die."


As a result, NBC has also named Madeleine Haeringer executive producer for his unit. Haeringer was previously the senior producer with NBC, and has worked hand in glove with Engel for many years now. Freelance journalist Cary Skelton remarked, "Congrats @RichardEngel, @madhaeringer, & the rest of the unit! Gonna be so great for all of us who care deeply about what you report on." A fan tweeted to Engel, "Congratulations on having your own Production Unit!! And to @madhaeringer too! Well Deserved! Always Great Reporting!!"


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