The news a picture book

In an AP photo this morning, you can see President Obama walking to the Oval Office as birds fly past. Don Gonyea at NPR wrote, “Charlie always amazes. Check this photo. A routine moment far from routine.” Scott Bixby with Bloomberg Businessweek called it, “Confirmation that President Obama is dressed by singing woodland creatures every morning.” Ari Shapiro at NPR tweeted: “Great catch, @Dharapak!”

For more on Obama, here’s live video of his visit to Buffalo. Justin Murphy with the Democrat and Chronicle wrote, “Get yer live #POTUS video here, starting at the airport in Buffalo.” Colleague Victoria Freile said, “...Currently images of airport while awaiting AIr Force One.”

In another photo making the rounds, here’s a snap of Mubarak being escorted into an ambulance after he was flown to a military hospital from Torah prison in Cairo. Mike Hayes at BuzzFeed wrote, “Slick shoes.” Tom Gara with the Wall Street Journal said, “Hosni Mubarak, on release from jail, wearing the standard-issue Egyptian prison white loafers.” Tom Gara also at the Wall Street Journal added, “Fashion wake-up call when an 85y.o deposed dictator on first day out of jail is better dressed than you've ever been.”

From the New York Times, here’s a photo of a correction from the paper’s op-ed page. Amy Z. Quinn at WHYY called it, “Horrendous.” Freelancer John McQuaid said, “Maureen Dowd also got the location of her interview wrong.” Dave Weigel at Slate wondered: “Wouldn't a less senior reporter be sacked over this?”

If your day is missing a photo of Tom Brady, then here’s a shot of the quarterback visiting Schembechler Hall and speaking to #Team134 this morning. Seth Wickersham from ESPN said, “Imagine you're a sixth-stringer on @umichfootball, and Tom Brady stops by to talk to the team today. You see a path.” Joe Giza at CBS Boston wrote, “Lecture: how to marry a supermodel.” Chad Finn from the Boston Globe added, “Opening for Drew Henson?”

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