Introducing AJAM's remaining new correspondents

Introducing AJAM's remaining new correspondents

Continuing our news from Friday, say hello to the remaining new bureau correspondents for Al Jazeera America! New Denver correspondent Paul Beban is an Emmy award-winning journalist who most recently produced for the Al Jazeera English broadcast, Empire, and before that acted as a correspondent, producer and writer with ABC News. Beban tweeted last week, "Last live shot of the day for #AlJazeeraAmerica. That's how we roll! See you tomorrow." Bill Weir of ABC News replied, "Congrats on the launch!"


Meanwhile, AJAM's new Miami correspondent Natasha Ghoneim spent her first day reporting from Gitmo. Veteran Miami/Guantanamo correspondent Carol Rosenberg of The Miami Herald reported, "Miami-based correspondent @natashaghoneim and crew broadcast from #Guantanamo on Al Jazeera America launch day." Relatedly, AJAM's Azmat Khan tweeted, "I love all-staff @ajam e-mails that start like this: 'Greetings, from Guantanamo!' cc: @natashaghoneim." In the past, Ghoneim has reported for KNBC in Los Angeles, WDIV in Detroit and KHOU in Houston. We were especially moved, however, by this tweet from Ghoneim: "The excitement for the Al Jazeera America launch is helping me not focus about my heartbreak over what's happening in Egypt."


Next up, Nashville coverage goes to correspondent Jonathan Martin, who joins AJAM from WMSV in that city. AJAM Real Money correspondent Duarte Geraldino commented last week, "We are less than an hour away from the launch of Al Jazeera America. Let the good times roll!" To which Martin replied, "So excited!! Thank you for encouraging me from the start. We need to talk soon. I can't wait to see ur first story!!"


Finally, the new network's New Orleans correspondent is none other than Robert Ray, a veteran of the Associated Press and Fox News. Upon the news of his departure from the AP, crime reporter Nigel Duara remarked, "Sad to hear the talented @ROBERTRAYJOURNO leaving AP. Good luck in your next venture." On the launch date, Ray tweeted, "Congratulations to team @ajam. We are on the air! So proud, so ready!" 


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