Featured Journalist: Ayo Johnson

Today’s featured journalist is Ayo Johnson, an independent journalist, specializing in African affairs who also edits Viewpoint Africa and contributes to Aljazeera. His portfolio includes the documentary Who is Boko Haram? Nigeria Religious Violence, Mali's military want 'no foreign boots', and African politics at a crossroads. In 2010, Johnson was awarded the Journalist of the Year BEFFTA award along with a nomination from SPJ for the AI News Reporting Award. He believes social media is empowering people...to spread stories and a revolution across the middle east and north Africa,” loves The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Trevor Newsworthy character, and has this to say about being pitched: “I am open, not bothered, not fussy, [and] pretty flexible.” Definitely reach out to him about Africa, Politics, Foreign Policy, Humanitarian Aid, and Developing Countries, and not about Finance or Economics.

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