Here's what we know about Syria

This morning, the New York Times writes that the U.S. Facing Test on Data to Back Action on Syria. Patrick LaForge there said, “Still fighting the last war, the one started with bad WMD intel.” Colleague Simon Romero wrote, “Botched intelligence on Iraq casts long shadow.” Carmen Gentile from ABC News called it: “The zero hour approaches. Put up or shut for Obama administration.” David Johnson with Al Jazeera America added: “NYT: No ‘smoking gun’ that directly links President Bashar al-Assad to the attack.”

Over at the Associated Press, Matt Apuzzo and Kimberly Dozier write that intelligence linking Syrian President Bashar Assad to an alleged chemical weapons attack is no "slam dunk.” Susan Crabtree at the Washington Examiner said, “Intel on Syria CW...spells trouble for Obama admin and will likely have MOC up in arms, so to speak.” Jim Geraghty at National Review tweeted this quote from the story: "A report by the Office of the DNI outlining that evidence against Syria is thick with caveats." Dan Berman with Politico added, “‘US officials’ on chemical weapons: an attempt to roll back expectations of a Syria response?”

And from Us vs. Th3m, a very serious question: Where's Damascus? (Don't Ask Us). The site added: “The UK's probably about to bomb it. Do you know where it is?” Una Galani with Reuters wrote, “I'm a Grade-A Damascus finder! 19 miles away, better than 96% of people. Can you get closer?” Rob Crilly at the Telegraph said, “I'm nearly on the road to Damascus! 331 miles away, better than 33% of people. Can you get closer?” Prashant Rao with AFP added, “Troubling number of people confuse Damascus with Delhi…”

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