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Aug 29, 2013

If you were interested in what the Economist feels about Syria, it’s written on the cover of their latest issue. Erin Cunningham with GlobalPost wrote, “I wonder what @TheEconomist really thinks about Syria?” Sheera Frenkel with NPR said, “So @theeconomist cover story doesn't seem to have any qualms about striking Assad's regime. ‘Hit him hard.’” Maria Abi-Habib at the Wall Street Journal added, “And the drums of war beat loud.”

For another opinion on Syria, the UK government has posted their legal position online regarding the alleged chemical weapon use by the Syrian regime. Cassell Bryan-Low at the Wall Street Journal said, “Link to UK's legal position on justification for military action, with or without UN Sec Council approval.” Brian Knox with NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth wrote, “10 Downing St.: Military strike against Syria ‘legally justifiable’ but it would only be for humanitarian purposes.” Nick Bryant from BBC tweeted: “Even without a #UN resolution, the British government says 'targeted' military action would be lawful.” John Rentoul from the Independent added this quote from the story: "It must be objectively clear that there is no practicable alternative to the use of force if lives are to be saved."

The Onion is back with another great piece about Syria, this time titled: So, What’s It Going To Be? Robert King at the Indianapolis Star said, “The Onion has been on a roll lately with biting social commentary. This one on Syria lays out the pickle we're in.” Murad Ahmed from The Times wrote, “It may be The Onion, but it appears to have the dilemma of Syrian intervention pretty much spot on.” Freelancer Sarah Nadav called it, “Best Op/Ed on Syria...Well played, Onion.”

In light of all the praise, Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed writes that The Onion Denies Taking A Serious Line On Syria. Heidi Moore with the Guardian said, “Is the Onion becoming serious about politics? Only in the US would we think satire should be limited to fluff.” Jeffrey Goldberg at Bloomberg News admitted, “I love this @RosieGray piece.” Richard Hall with the Independent wrote, “Quote from The Onion's Editor-in-Chief on their Syria coverage at the end of this piece is magical.”

Despite the Economist and the Onion taking clear positions on the matter, there’s video of President Obama announcing: 'I Have Not Made a Decision' on Syria in his @PBS @NewsHour interview. Nina Strochlic from Newsweek Global wrote, “Obama: U.S. intervention won't stop killing of innocent civilians in Syria.” Toby Harnden with The Times tweeted: “Obama to PBS: Syrian chemical weapons use affects ‘not only international norms but also America's core self interests.’” Rick Klein with ABC News added, “Obama says message to Assad, if he chooses to respond, would be ‘better not do it again.’”

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