Today in Syria

Aug 30, 2013

A BBC team encountered victims from a Syrian school bomb - a scene of which they said: “they arrived like the walking dead.” Perry Chiaramonte from Fox News said, “Very graphic, but should still be seen.” Jerome Socolovsky at Voice of America said, “This BBC report from Syria is very hard to watch. But we should as we think about what the world can do.”  Ghazala Irshad with Peeta Planet added, “How is a ‘conventional’ "incendiary bomb on a school playground" different from chemical weapons??”

The BBC also reported on the MPs’ vote about intervention in Syria. BBC Breaking tweeted, “Evidence #Syria used chemical weapons includes intercepts of discussions between Syrian officials, US tells Congress.” Erica Grieder at Texas Monthly added this quoted from the story: "This imperial pretension that a country of our size can seek to be involved in every conceivable conflict.”

Over the Telegraph, Dan Hodges writes that Miliband was governed by narrow political interests - not the national interests or those of Syrian children. Toby Young called it an “Excellent post by @DPJHodges on why @Ed_Miliband's behaviour have caused him to resign from the Labour Party.” John Rentoul at the Independent wrote, “If you haven't read @DPJHodges yet on why he's resigned from the Labour Party, you should.”

The New York Daily News reacted to Britain's Syria no-show on their cover this morning. John Rentoul, again at the Independent, tweeted their headline: "The British Aren't Coming!"

From the New York Times, David Sanger reports that Obama Is Willing to Go It Alone in Syria, Aides SayEvan Perez wrote, “Remember when Democrats made fun of Bush's "coalition of the willing"? Obama could use Palau & Micronesia right now.” Dan Hirschhorn from Time Magazine added this quote from the story: "Obama’s rationale for a strike creates a parallel dilemma to the one that Bush confronted 10 years ago."

But according to an NBC poll, Americans are skeptical of U.S. intervention in Syria. Don Granese with KNDU-TV tweeted: “NEW: 50% of Americans oppose taking military action in Syria.” Greg Sargent said, “Poll: 8 in 10 oppose US strikes on Syria w/o Congressional approval, though 50% appv of strikes themselves if limited.” Ian Sherwood with Sky News just wrote, “Wow!”

NBC also writes that nearly 80 percent of Americans want congressional approval on Syria. Josh Greenman at the New York Daily News pointed out, “When does Congress listen to majorities?”

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