Media roundup

There’s finally some news that Jeffrey Bezos, the Washington Post’s next owner, aims for a new ‘golden era’ at the newspaper. He’s quoted as saying: “It’s important for The Post not just to survive, but to grow." Alex Howard wrote, “In my experience, the way invention, innovation & change happen is [through] team effort.” Lydia Polgreen at the New York Times said, “Bezos on lessons from Amazon & plans for the WaPo: ‘Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.’”

Over at Quartz, Zach Seward writes that Bloomberg’s very strange headlines are in danger of making sense. Derek Thompson at The Atlantic said, “With New York Times Influence, Bloomberg Headline Weirdness Fading.” Edmund Lee with Bloomberg News wrote, “If there's anything worse than your critics, it's not having any.” Kathy Lu with the Roanoke Times added, “Unrelated, but screengrab shows @roanoketimes.”

We also have news of What It's Like Being The Oldest BuzzFeed Employee. Matthew Zeitlin at BuzzFeed wrote, “Meet BuzzFeed's oldest employee (he's 53).” Ben Eisen at MarketWatch said, “On being Buzzfeed's oldest writer: ‘Still pretty much an ongoing unsolved mystery as to what the Hell I am doing...’” Lisa Fung from called it a “Funny read from @copyranter.” Rachel Ensign with the Wall Street Journal pointed out, “The oldest @buzzfeed employee is a decade younger than the typical U.S. senator.”

For more big life changes, here’s news that Veteran Journalist Douglas Frantz Heading To State Department by Michael Calderone at the Huffington Post. Dion Nissenbaum with the Wall Street Journal added, “...For Second Tour Working For #Kerry.” Marcus Baram with the International Business Times said, “Great news @mlcalderone: Journalist Doug Frantz to be named assistant secretary of state for public affairs.” Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian pointed out: “Fascinating how it's perfectly OK for journalists to keep going to work for USG without becoming (gasp) ‘activists.’”

For one last piece of journalism news, John Schwartz from the New York Times writes: Reporter Returns to Texas Capitol, Where Father’s Voice Still Rings. Dan Barry there wrote, “Wonderful, affecting Boomer piece by the NYT's @jswatz, a Texas political operative at the age of 7.” Colleague Jackie Calmes said, “Loved the Babe then.” Patti Kilday Hart with the Houston Chronicle called the piece “A great trip down memory lane.”

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