National Journal adds multiple reporters

National Journal adds multiple reporters

It's September, and a slew of additions made by the National Journal just became effective. First up, Lucia Graves is now a reporter after writing previously for The Huffington Post. "Welcome to NJ," greeted deputy editor James Oliphant. Graves replied, "Thank you! I'm beyond excited about the move."

Next, Patrick Reis also joins as a reporter. You may have previously seen his byline most recently withPolitico. "Been really great working at @politico, and I'm grateful I got the chance to," Reis acknowledged on Twitter.  Meanwhile, National Journal's editorial director and national correspondent Ron Fournier tweeted him, "Welcome aboard!" 

Marina Koren is now a reporter with the publication as well. Prior to joining NJ, she covered science and history for Smithsonian magazine and also managed their social media presence. Washington Post's Sarah Kliff responded to the news with a simple, concise "Woo!" Meanwhile, at her desk Koren observed via this twitpic, "New job feels pretty official now. It's you and me, coffee mug."

The NJ also named Alex Seitz-Wald as a reporter. Seitz-Wald most recently has served as a staff writer forSalon in DC. "Personal note: Sad to say today is my last day @Salon. It's been fabulous working with @blakezeff and @fivechapters recently," he recently shared on Twitter, then quickly added, "But so super excited to head to @nationaljournal later this month w/ @timgrieve, @lucia_graves, @marincogan, and @bterris." WaPo's Andrea Peterson responded to the news, "Congrats to @aseitzwald on his move to the National Journal!"

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