Another week, another threat from Syria

Sep 09, 2013

Based on a CNN poll, Paul Steinhauser writes that the public is against a Syria strike resolution. Carl Lavin there put it succinctly: “Nation says no.” Colleauge Mark Preston wrote, “If you're just waking up: Nearly 6 in 10 Americans oppose military strikes against Syria -- new CNN/ORC poll.” Rick Klein with ABC News added, “New CNN poll shows case is made re chem weapon use; case not made re US response.”

In less than comforting news, Assad told Charlie Rose: if U.S. strikes, there will be a response. lexander C. Kaufman from International Business Times said, “Assad, soft-spoken and lisped, sounds disturbingly calm and docile in the@charlierose interview, so far.” Freelancer Rebecca Collard wrote, “#assad: ‘we are not like the American administration. We are not a social media administration’ in @CBSNews interview.” David Joachim with the New York Times said, “There is ‘not a single shred of evidence,’ Assad tells @charlierose.” Here’s the story based on their interview in CBS.

But according to Patrick Wintour at the Guardian, the US gave Syria one week to surrender chemical weapons or face attack. Matthew d'Ancona at the Telegraph said, “Kerry makes clear that objective in Syria is not just 'response' to CW use but WMD disarmament ie dumping containment.” Freelancer Daniel Froomkin said, “No credibility. Kerry to Assad: Turn over CWs in 7 days to avoid attack (though I know you won't and we may not).” Kenneth Silber at Research Magazine tweeted: “Give up your chemical weapons or we'll launch an ‘unbelievably small’ attack on you. - Kerry. Real quote & context.”

Also in the Guardian, Martin Chulov explains that American threats widen fault lines among Syria's rebels. Ned Parker from Foreign Policy Magazine said, “Great piece by @martinchulov on militant Islamists in #Syria.” Felim McMahon with Storyful wrote “Report from Northern Syria. ‘As Obama ponders [strike], al-Qaida and affiliates are less visible ... than recently.’” Steve Inskeep from NPR pointed out, “Syrian rebels prepare to hide from threatened US strikes. That's not a typo.”

Just in case you were wondering, BuzzFeed finds out if People Are Talking More About Miley Cyrus Or Syria. Jordan Zakarin there said, “I think this gets us much closer to having artificially intelligent robots that can converse in context with humans!” Jack Schofield from the Guardian wrote, “...Buzzfeed has the graphs for topic and age (under/over 35).” Jessica Hullinger from Fast Company revealed, “Pleased to see Syria beating out Miley Cyrus lately, if just barely…” Freelancer Karen McAllister gave up: “Oh, Miley.”

Follow along with Syria for more news about the imminent attack.

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