Are we approaching a Syria stand-down?

The AP has news that Syria says it accepted Russia’s weapons proposal. Neal Mann at the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Syria says it accepts Russia's proposal to place chemical weapons under international control for dismantling.”

Reuters has a similar finding with Syria accepts Russian chemical weapons proposal. Erin Cunningham from GlobalPost said, “Syria FM: agreed to Russian chemical weapons proposal because it would ‘remove the grounds for American aggression.’" Tom A. Peter with the Christian Science Monitor explained, “Syria agrees to put its chemical weapons under international control to avoid US strike.”

Human Rights Watch called the Syrian Government ‘Likely Culprit in Chemical Attack.’ Max Fisher with the Washington Post said, “The warmonger neocons at Human Rights Watch conclude that the Syrian govt is the likely culprit in chemical attack.” Erin Cunningham at GlobalPost wrote, “Human Rights Watch: Evidence strongly suggests Syria's gov't was responsible for the Damascus chemical weapons attack.” Andrew Katz from Time Magazine added, “Le Monde photog who shot aftermath of April attack near Damascus tested positive for sarin gas, says @hrw.”

USA Today’s Kim Hjelmgaard writes: France to float U.N. Syria resolution. David Colton there wondered: “Way forward or diplomatic feint?”

In light of the situation, Abby Phillip at ABC News filed Obama: Strike 'Absolutely' on Hold if Syria Abandons Chemical Weapons. She also tweeted, “UPDATED: Harry Reid delays Senate vote on #Syria.” Nightline added, “Tonight on #Nightline: Obama and Assad's war of words. More with@DianeSawyer as she sits down with POTUS.” Colleague Steven Portnoy said, “The pause button has been pressed. Reid delays test vote. Obama tells @ABCWorldNews he seeks a ‘diplomatic’ solution.” Mark Morford with the San Francisco Chronicle put it into perspective: “Great news! If Syria goes back to killing innocent people the old-fashioned way, we won't bomb them.”

And stateside, CNN’s Josh Levs reports that McCain slammed the Obama administration's 'incoherence' on Syria.

For more on the currently less-imminent threat, follow along with Syria or Assad.

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