Who will lead the Big Apple?

Sep 11, 2013

The New York Times covered New York City’s Primary Results with a precinct-by-precinct map. Michael Paulson there wrote, “Fantastic @nytgraphics map shows #nyc2013 results by neighborhood, race, income, home-ownership.” Colleague Josh Keller said, “In latest NYC mayor exit polls, de Blasio is exactly at 40% threshold for run-off.” Mark Blumenthal with Huffington Post wrote, “Exit poll tabs, which I’m *guessing* are now weighted to match actual vote count in sampled precincts...are here.” Ben Welsh from the LA Times pointed out, “Also interesting in @nytimes data exit poll claiming Spitzer rejected by Jewish voters.” Dave Weigel with Slate had another suggestion: “Click the ‘black voters’ tab: de Blasio turfed Thompson (who's black) in most of those neighborhoods.”

In case you were wondering how Bill de Blassio came out ahead, Michael Barbaro from the New York Times explains that Luck and a Shrewd Strategy Fueled de Blasio’s Ascension. Carolyn Ryan there wrote, “An election isn't over until absentee ballots are counted and @mikiebarb writes a story like this.” Amy Chozick especially liked this quote from the story: “‘The commercial that changed the course of mayor’s race almost never happened.’ Nobody does tick-tock like @mikiebarb.”

Also from the New York Times, we hear that Lhota Hopes to Capitalize on Elite Dismay Over a Liberal Tilt courtesy of Mike Grynbaum. He added, “Overheard at the Waldorf: ‘Mayor Bloomberg should be mayor forever!" An elite cri-de-coeur as Park Ave frets over BDB.’” Peter Hart from CounterSpin called it a “Great Times piece on what the moneyed class will do to fight de Blasio.” Peter Hamby with CNN added, “In some of these conversations, Mr. de Blasio has played down his unabashedly liberal positions.” Mark Hemingway with The Weekly Standard saw the bright side: “Looks like Lhota's got a fighting chance.”

The mayoral primaries in NYC came to an end last night with Shimon Prokupecz from NBC News tweeting a “blurry image of #Weiner saying goodbye with his middle finger as he drives off from HQ tonight.” Mark Little from Storyful called it, “Anthony Weiner's one-fingered goodbye to the press corps.” Sonal Dutt with People.com tweeted, “You stay classy, Tony.” Toby Harnden at the The Times called the whole thing “Poetic.” Marcus Baram at the International Business Times added, “At least it's just his finger.”

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