In the spirit of nostalgia, Bloomberg BusinessWeek gives us a Financial Crisis Retrospective: 5 Years After Lehman Brothers' Bankruptcy. Christina Larson there wrote, “From @BW special issue "Financial Crisis, Five Years Later": As the West Faltered, China's Growth Was Fueled by Debt.” Colleague Christine Harper said, “This is really terrific.” Amy Resnick from Pensions and Investments Newspaper wrote, “Myopic much?” Kevin Roose with New York Magazine tweeted: “.@BW's fi-cri anniversary issue is a goodie bag. But, like, a sad one.”

Speaking of money, Bloomberg’s Zachary Mider investigates How Wal-Mart’s Waltons Maintain Their Billionaire Fortune. Turns out, it’s taxes. Michael Moore there called it a, “Really interesting and clear story from @zachmider on how ultra-rich avoid estate tax. Shows we need a simpler system.” Colleague Romy Varghese pointed out, “This reminds me of the Chris Rock bit on rich v. wealthy. Wal-Mart taps loopholes to keep billions in the family.” Steve Paul at the Kansas City Star added, “But missing here: Hillary Clinton role in helping to create Walton wealth.”

Not to leave out the billionaire brothers in all this money talk, Mike Allen with Politico gives us a Behind the Curtain Exclusive into The Koch brothers’ secret bank. Denise Kersten Wills there wrote, “YES: ‘There’s a mystery around us that makes an interesting story.’” Mike Wereschagin from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review wrote, “Secret political group, almost totally unknown until today, dropped $250 million in 2012.”

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