Yesterday, we shared part 2 of Sports Illustrated's series on Oklahoma St. football and today, we’re on to part 3: drugs by George Dohrmann. Pete Thamel there wrote, “Oklahoma State's drug counselor wasn't qualified and lied on his resume.” Nick Baumann at Mother Jones said, “I am shocked, shocked to find that marijuana smoking is going on here!” Ben Allen with KOSU Radio tweeted this quote from the story: "...substance-abuse counselor is an assistant strength-and-conditioning coach w/no experience treating drug users.”

Elsewhere in sports reporting, The State tells its sports columnist he can’t cover University of South Carolina football. Jason Lieser at the Palm Beach Post thinks “This is ridiculous.” Freelancer Staci D. Kramer tweeted: “@thestate publisher giving a source coverage control damages, detracts from all @McClatchyCo journalists.” Zak Keefer with the Indianapolis Star wrote, “Sorry, Coach Spurrier, but reporters are allowed to ask questions (gasp) you don't like.”

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