An update on Syria

From the Wall Street Journal, Nour Malas and Julian Barnes found out that an Elite Syrian Unit Scatters Chemical Arms Stockpile. The paper explained, “Syria has moved chemical weapons to as many as 50 sites to make them harder for the U.S. to track.”

Meanwhile Bloomberg News writes U.S. Can Take In More Than 33 Syrian Refugees. David Shipley there wrote, “Morton Abramowitz: How many Syrian refugees has the U.S. taken in?” Jeanne Sahadi with CNN said, “7M Syrians are displaced in Syria or are refugees in other countries-US has taken in just 33 in past year.”

Over at Channel 4, there’s a look into Al-Bayda: anatomy of a war crime. Jonathan Miller there wrote, “A Must-Watch Alert: film-maker @James_Brabazon's horrifying 'anatomy of a war crime' by Syrian regime at al-Bayda.” Colleague Ben de Pear pointed out, “Chemical weapons not required; Al Bayda #C4news anatomy of a 'conventional' war crime; 169 dead, many children.’” Cathy Newman from the Telegraph called it a “heartrending #c4news film of army massacre of 169 people in a small Syrian town.” Freelancer Iain Martin added, “Difficult to watch but this @Channel4News report on the Al-Bayda massacre in Syria is very comprehensive.”

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