Featured journalist: Dorsey Shaw

Today’s featured journalist is Dorsey Shaw, a blogger for BuzzFeed who’s been posting since 2008 and working as a staffer since 2011. He covers everything from media and politics to gifs and pundits or, as he explains it: “I watch cable news and make video clips happen for BuzzFeed Politics.” Bonus, Shaw writes, “I've turned an obsession with cable news into a job” and has a portfolio that includes The 5 Most Interesting Things About Al Jazeera America's First Night On The Air, MSNBC + Politico = Washington, D.C.'s Cable News Network, and Facts About Cable News That May Make You Question Reality to prove it. He “would really appreciate any juicy media tips you might have,” which you can feel free to pitch him via tweet or e-mail anytime between 12:01am and 11:59pm (his words). Though Shaw never worked for his high school paper, we’re pretty sure covering the 2012 election cycle caught him up to speed, especially since the man got into reporting because “my editor told me I had to.” His advice for anyone else trying to break in is simple: “Never forget that luck is half in everything” - something we hope Shaw also remembers when working to up his Vine game.

Remember: if you also want to be featured here, you should a) set up your own own journalist portfolio and 2) let us know by emailing delia at muckrack dot com.

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