In the New York Times today, Paul Krugman explores Death By Tweet. James Poniewozik at Time Magazine said, “Krugman stays off Twitter bc it's for sharing ‘what I just ate,’ might expose his ‘demons.’ WHAT IS KRUGMAN EATING?” Ivan Lajara at the Daily Freeman wrote, “I didn't know Twitter robots were curmudgeons.” Brian Ries with Newsweek Global said, “Paul Krugman won't tweet because he fears "uncomfortable discoveries about myself.’” Charlie Warzel with BuzzFeed foiled that plan though: ‘Lol I mean this post is basically an uncomfortable PUBLIC discovery about one's self...he just doesn't realize it.”

Also from the Times, an interactive into New York Fashion Week via Shan Carter called Front Row to Fashion Week. Simone S. Oliver there explained it’s “Our picks: #NYFW's talking points.” Mila Sanina with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thought: “This interactive will 'wow' even those who didn't follow trends at #NYFW.” Carolyn Tiry proved that point: “I really couldn't care less about Fashion Week, but this @nytimes interactive is stunning.”

For other impressive things, the New York Times gives us a Breathtaking First, NASA Craft Exits the Solar System by Brooks Barnes. Joshua Foust wrote, “To repeat: Voyager 1's exit from the solar system is a stunning, mind-blowing accomplishment.” Christophe Bauer with France 24 agreed “+20000.” Ryan Kearney at The New Republic was preoccupied: “When did @nytimes start using GIFs?”

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