Job moves at the Obama administration

Joe Pompeo and Dylan Byers, of Capital New York and POLITICO, respectively, collaborated this morning on the Rick Stengel to leave 'Time' for U.S. State Department piece. Tom McGeveran at Capital wrote, “Fun experiment today co-bylining with Politico and getting a nice scoop as a result (we beat the @nytimes).”

For more on the Obama campaign, MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe goes Inside the plot against Stephanie Cutter. Adam Serwer there tweeted this quote from the piece: "When anything goes bad in the East Wing world, [MObama] looks at all of her staff and says, ‘Go get me Cutter.’” Gintautas Dumcius with The Dorchester Reporter called it, “The story behind the story of Axelrod's 2012 appearance outside the Mass. State House.” Michael Barbaro from the New York Times called the story a “Must-read: Obama's communications team was incapable of communicating with itself, as plot to demote Cutter shows.” Edward-Isaac Dovere from Politico added, “Glad to see @GlennThrush ebook on Obama campaign internal tensions still being downloaded for research purposes.”

In related news, we hear an Ex-White House Aide will Be Economic Adviser thanks to Jackie Calmes’s reporting for the New York Times. David Shepardson with Detroit News said, “A point person on White House efforts on Detroit, NEC director Gene Sperling, is leaving administration Jan. 1.” Paul Begala at Newsweek Global wrote, “Gene Sperling the epitome of decency, integrity, intelligence, hard work. US more prosperous & more fair b/c of him.” Matt Nesto with Yahoo! Finance pointed out: “Wait... Gene Sperling's nickname at the White House was ‘Small Business’ @nytimes reports.”

And with all this job shuffling in the capital, The Daily Beast explores From Rick Stengel to David Axelrod, All of the President’s Journalists. Patricia Murphy there wrote, “Read: @Bencjacobs on M.E. of TIME to State.” Fran Berkman from Mashable said, “Presidential strategy: Keep your friends close but your journalists closer.” Justin Green at the Washington Examiner broke it down to, “Journalist goes to work for Obama, is spokesperson for passing ACA, returns to journalism.” Justin Green also at the Washington Examiner had another thought: “Forget lobbyists: the real problem for the public interest is when journalists go between government and media.”

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