#Muckedup chat Tuesday: Riptide & digital journalism

Riptide is an ambitious project by Harvard's Nieman Lab claiming to be the definitive oral history of the merging of journalism and tech over the past 30 plus years. A great idea, but in many respects, poorly executed, as pointed out by the Columbia Journalism Review and Poynter. Both outlets complain of the lack of diversity and serious gender inequality. 

As CJR puts it, Riptde suffers from what may be "intentional blindness." Of the 61 people interviewd, five were women. Almost all were white. 

This isn't a new issue and journalists have lambasted the study over the last few days. 

@emilybell @mathewi @jbenton @martinn123 Sorry, in 2013 that is flat-out STUNNING. This is not a new issue. COME THE EFF ON.

— rachelsklar (@rachelsklar) September 9, 2013

This week on the chat we'll talk about this diversity gap, how it relates to both the environment of media and journalists themselves, and what we can do (hopefully) to raise awareness. If anything, getting our voices heard and unified is a good start. Join us this Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 8 EST. Until then.

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