Today in WSJ

At the Wall Street Journal, David Wessel writes Summers Withdraws Name for Fed Chairmanship. Deborah Gage there called it a “A wise move….” Larry Kudlow with CNBC said, “Senate Dems did Summers in. Another defeat for #Obama. If not John Taylor @EconoomicsOne, Stanley Fischer good choice.”

Also from the Wall Street Journal, Carol Lee goes Inside the White House's Head-Spinning Reversal on Syrian Arms. Neil King there tweeted: “Incredible inside-the-room Obama Syria tictoc, from @adamentous, @carol_e_lee and @hookjan.” Kim Ghattas with the BBC wrote, “Fascinating account of 24 days inside WH debate on Syria. must read for all in Mideast to understand US policy process.” Danielle Ivory from Bloomberg News added, “A chilling kicker to this tick-tock of Obama's changing approach to #Syria.”

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