Running and not running

Sep 17, 2013

In another part of the country, there’s news that Bill Daley dropped his bid for Illinois governor. Andrew Malcolm from Investor's Business Daily said, “Obama ex-COS Bill Daley drops bid for Ill Gov, predicts Dem Gov Pat Quinn will lose as weak leader on fiscal crisis.” John Keilman at the Chicago Tribune said, “This is just weird.” Steve Doty with the Washington Examiner said, “Here's the original story by the @chicagotribune.” Noam Scheiber with The New Republic added, “Love how the Tribune refers to Obama as ‘home-state president Barack Obama.’ Thanks for clarifying!” Reid Epstein with Politico said of the news, “Woah this is something.”

Also dropping out of his own race was Larry Summers, who gave up the Federal Reserve Chairman candidacy on Sunday afternoon. The Wall Street Journal now reports that Yellen is Now Front-Runner for Fed Chief. Aaron Lucchetti there said, “The early favorite now once again a favorite, #FedRace.” Colleague Andrew Grossman tweeted: "’Floating trial balloons generally sucks as a strategy,’ said John Podesta.” Steve Matthews at Bloomberg News wrote, “FWIW, White House says Summers was the preferred choice and was never a `trial balloon.’” Ryan Beckwith from Thunderdome put it another way: “Yellen is gellin'.”

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