A new meaning to double shot

With our coffee this morning, we were also lucky enough to get An Open Letter from Howard Schultz, ceo of Starbucks Coffee Company. Starbucks news tweeted, “We are respectfully requesting that customers not bring weapons into our stores.” Laura A. Harris with ABC Action News Tampa wrote, “@Starbucks is requesting you leave your glock at home…”

Kim Hjelmgaard​ covered the news for USA Today in Starbucks CEO says coffee and guns don't mix​. Nancy Cutler at the Journal News wrote, “#Starbucks CEO wants stores out of #gun debate. Asks folks to not bring guns, 'be ... respectful of each other​.'" David Colton from USA Today said, “Grande: Despite expected pushback, Starbucks CEO says no guns in store, please."

Reuters also covered Schultz's letter, where Lisa Baertlein​ wrote Starbucks changes course, asks U.S. patrons to leave guns at home​. Robert MacMillan there insisted, “If you must pack heat, please order decaf.”

​Elsewhere in the food world, Huffington Post has suggestions for Surviving Whole Foods. Tina Yee at the Democrat and Chronicle said, “Well written story is so funny I'm crying from laughing so hard…” Hala Gorani with CNN wrote, “This is LOL funny.” Adam Najberg at the Wall Street Journal added, “Kelly McLean is hilarious​.”

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