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Speaking of sad, the New York Times' Mireya Navarro​ writes that I​n New York, Having a Job, or 2, Doesn’t Mean Having a Home​. Patrick LaForge there explained, "Some people in New York are homeless despite holding one or more jobs -- their stories.” Jim Sterngold at the Wall Street Journal wrote, "Is your bank teller homeless? powerful, sad story on working homeless.” Josh Sternberg from Digiday tweeted: “'Without low-income housing, it’s a maze with no way out.' Devastating article.”

Also from the Times, Campbell Robertson reports from New Orleans: Judge Throws Out Officers’ Convictions in Killings After Hurricane Katrina. John Schwartz there wrote, “Convictions of police overturned in the horrifying Danziger Bridge case in New Orleans; #campbellnyt has it.” Stan Alcorn at NPR said, “Worst trolls ever: prosecutors' online comments result in new trial for cops convicted of post-Katrina shootings.” John Gramlich with Roll Call explained, “More trouble for #DOJ Civil Rights Division? Judge faults career attorney Karla Dobinski for online comments.”

There's a headline in the New York Times - The Man With Pink Hair - from Thomas Friedman that's not as much fun as you might think. ​Sam Stein at the Huffington Post called it, “A Tom Friedmanian lede if there ever was​." Ivan Lajara with The Daily Freeman explained, “There is a man with pink hair therefore Syria where is my paycheck?​" Jill Lawrence from the National Journal tweeted: “Friedman: Can we leverage Putin’s intervention to help forge Syria ceasefire, end Iran nuke program? Worth a try." Michael Grunwald from Time Magazine added, this quote from the story: "’Barack Obama once had black hair. But his is gray now, not pink.’ Incredibly, this awful column is basically right.​"

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