Mad about Mad Men

Sep 18, 2013

And for some rather infuriating news, it seems Mad Men decided to take a lesson from Breaking Bad and will air their final season in 2 parts in 2014, 2015. That news came from Meredith Blake at the LA Times and unleashed quite a lot of emotions. Jonathan Lemire from the Associated Press wrote, “How do I feel about that?” Daniel Terdiman at CNET knew: “I love AMC, but this splitting "final seasons" (Breaking Bad, & now Mad Men) over two years is emotional extortion!” Caitlin McGarry with PC World announced, “I'm OK with this.” Danielle Ivory from Bloomberg News stayed optimistic, “I choose to think of this as two more seasons of Mad Men #glasshalffull.” Matt Buchanan from The New Yorker was less so: “I can't believe they're filming the last season of Mad Men with the iPhone 5s's slo-mo camera will it never end.” Freelancer Dominic Umile had another thought: “‘We plan to take advantage of this,’ said the #MadMen creator before blowing his nose into a hundred dollar bill.”

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