Featured journalist: Geoff Edgers, Boston Globe

Today’s featured journalist is Geoff Edgers, a reporter for The Boston Globe

Covering the beats of arts and entertainment for the Globe, he's already received an Emmy for this incredible film on opera, an award he shares with Darren Durlach. The first act opens following the career of soprano Barbara Quintiliani, and it's definitely worth a watch. Appropriately enough, Edgers enjoys his work in journalism because "[y]ou get paid to meet fascinating people and try to find a way to translate what they know and do to strangers. That's a pretty cool job." We have to agree there. For PR folks interested in pitching him, he has this advice: "Send e-mail but don't send me 49 e-mails. And please, don't call me to cover a gallery opening in Eau Claire. Nothing against Eau Claire." Duly noted. For a better taste of Edger's work, start out with perusing his portfolio for pieces like "Just shoot me" and "How to Be a Failed Reality Star." We promise you won't regret it!

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