iPhone 5s: It begins.

We warned you yesterday, and now D-Day is here--or rather, iDay, as the new iPhone 5S is unveiled at Apple stores across the nation. CBS This Morning revealed this popular twitpic, captioning, "Our chopper shot of the massive line outside an Apple store in NYC for the new iPhone 5C, 5S." The picture prompted mostly one-word responses from journalists. "Insane," responded Paige Lavender with The Huffington Post. "Massive?" responded ReutersJim Roberts, who seemed less impressed. Then there was the reaction from Betabeat's Jordan Valinsky: "Twerking 4 iphones."

The mania spread quickly in the early dawning hours. "Comfy? @MattKellerABC7 counts100 #apple fans sleeping outside #paloalto store. #iphone5s sales begin 8am," tweeted Kristen Sze with ABC7 News San Francisco. Not everybody is willing to wait in these lines, of course. And, well, not everyone has to. "Skip the iPhone lines: 'Task Rabbit' lets you pay people to sit in line for you. Craiglist also has people you can hire," came the helpful suggestion from Stefanie Jay of Fox 5 Las Vegas.

On the other hand, Jacqueline Fell with Cox Media Group mused, "How many reporters today covering those crazy #apple #iphone lines will try to get a new phone today?! Mmmm #lifeofareporter." As if in answer, 7News Boston's Ryan Schulteis responded to queries about what color he got: "Space gray! Got up at 3am to order online."

Of course, it's the gold iPhones everyone wants. "RUH ROH-- #apple store at international mall out of gold and white versions of new #iPhone5S ! Store hasn't even opened yet," observed Laura A. Harris from ABC Action News Tampa. All this mystified Wall Street Journal's Jon Kamp. "Almost every #iphone I see is in a protective case. So who cares if it's gold-colored underneath? I don't comb my hair when I wear a hat..."

In case you're waiting in line at the Apple store and find yourself wondering what started New York City's tech boom, there's this handy story from WNYC to help you figure it out. Should Mayor Bloomberg credit the credit? What about Silicon Alley power players? Find out in the Who's Your Daddy? radio piece from New Tech City. Ilya Marritz there wrote, "If you had to trace the NYC tech boom to just one person...make it @craignm...via @NewTechCity & @manoushz." Colleague Andrea Bernstein added, "You might think @mikebloomberg was fully responsible for NYC's tech boom.@manoushZ says you're wrong."

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