"Thwackgate" now exists

You won't believe what our news compatriots across the pond have just shared with us, or at least, not until you've seen it with your own eyes. They're calling it "Thwackgate," of course. When Channel 4 News political correspondent Michael Crick asked UK Independence Party member of parliament Godfrey Bloom why there were no black people on the cover of his party's conference brochure, the outcome is nothing short of journalistic theatre. "Oh @UKIP, you really are spoiling us. Watch Godfrey Bloom going berzerk. One of the funniest news clips of all time," announced The Independent's Owen Jones. "Just as UKIP leader says party is 'growing up', UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom hits a journalist on head with a manifesto," Peter Griffiths with Reuters wryly noted. "Nothing that disgusts Godfrey Bloom more than a racist asking for more black faces on the Ukip party literature," The Guardian's Xan Brooks remarked.

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