#Muckedup chat Tuesday: content and context

When Nina Davuluri was crowned MIss America last week, it marked the first time a woman of Indian descent won the prestigious title. It's not doubt she's beautiful, but what is less clear is the public and media reaction to the event. Some outlets were quick to pull out the torches and pitch forks and cry "racism," which seemed to cause a domino effect. Unfortunately, as so often happens in journalism, a groupthink ensued and people started saying it was so -- because other news orgs said so.

Poynter wrote about this phenomenon, noting that for as much backlash as outlets like BuzzFeed may have claimed, there was just as many people kicking up their heels, extremely happy with the outcome of the historic moment. 

Last week on our Twitter chat, freelancer Latrice Davis tweeted about this discrepancy between content and context, inspiring this week's topic.

@eccushing @HoppeMeg That's another problem w/ the current state of #journalism: it's become all abt CONTENT w/o CONTEXT. #muckedup

— Latrice Davis (@latrice_davis) September 18, 2013

It was a great point, more than enough fodder to warrant at least an online discussion, if not a watercooler one in real life amongst your peers. 

Please join us Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 8 EST to get #muckedup. I unfortunately will be traveling and unable to host, but you will be in very good hands with Brittany VanBibber who carried the torch and did a fine job in my absence last week. I will be back later this week, and if you're in Los Angeles, join me and Muck Rack's CEO Gregory Galant at a special Social Media Week edition of #muckedup at the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, Sept. 25. See you soon.

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