Speaking of expensive, BuzzFeed gave us this disheartening list this morning: 6 Castles That Cost Less Than An Apartment In NYC. Abigail Jones with the Jewish Daily Forward tweeted: “Smtg to keep in mind @natkg!” Jess Zimmerman from Grist conceded, “Oh well okay I guess I will buy one them.” Freelancer Sarah Laskow agreed: “Better than being a writer living in Brooklyn: being a writer living in a castle? The real estate costs the same.” David Yanofsky from Quartz is in: “Lets all move to Nebraska buy McMansions and build a hyperloop to connect all of our homes. It could cheaper.” Jordan Zakarin with BuzzFeed was more cautious: “But are they near tons of transportation and entertainment options?” Mathew Ingram from GigaOM pointed out, “The sarcastic comments on the NYC listings are gold.”

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