The case for Obamacare

While Congress deliberates taking away Obamacare, over at Salon, Brian Beutler shares The $200K lesson I learned from getting shot. He tweeted: “Preface to my shooting story. The ‘Skip Obamacare’ folks need to address the risk they're taking with people's lives.” David Waldman with Daily Kos and Congress Matters wrote, “‘Victim is expected to recover.’ I see so many #GunFAIL bake sales.” Joshua Zumbrun at Bloomberg News added this quote from the story: "For $200,000 you can buy an Ivy League education, a home, a law degree, a secure retirement or a splenectomy." Asawin Suebsaeng with Mother Jones wondered, “Are there @brianbeutler truthers yet?” Benjy Sarlin at MSNBC added, “@brianbeutler on how being an insured 20something saved him from $200k in debt just as he was starting his career.” Matt O'Brien at The Atlantic tweeted: “Would you tell your kids to buy health insurance? The question answers itself.”

For more on what's happening with this most recent debate, follow along with Obamacare.

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