Happy birthday, Quartz!

Sep 24, 2013

For some happy media news, it’s Quartz’s first birthday and to celebrate, David Yanofsky there gives us the Quartz Headline Generator. Colleague Christopher Mims tried it out and came up with: "Mexico today are scouring Boston to drive the minimum wage." Stacey Shick with Bloomberg News figured, “My headline came up nonsensical, so maybe I can keep my job.” Lisa Fung with The Wrap said, “This is pretty cool.” Scott Bixby at Bloomberg Businessweek added, “.@qz's headline generator could honestly be expanded to ‘Financial News Headline Generator.’”

If you need more ways to toast Quartz today, here’s what the site looked like at launch. Kate Day from the Telegraph said, “Congrats guys! Stunningly impressive year.” Mathew Ingram with GigaOM tweeted: “Happy birthday!” Megan Garber at The Atlantic summed it up quite nicely: “One little year; so much awesome.”

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