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If you need a reminder that it’s not all bad, watch this video from 5NewsYT of the Scuffle as McBride goes live. Toby Young tweeted: “Writers, check this out. Guy wrestling with protestor is publisher of author being interviewed. Now that's service.” Tom Coghlan with The Times called it, “A very British scuffle on the Brighton seafront. #Labourconference.” John Gapper from Financial Times added, “This what every publisher should be doing to help promote his author. Well done @IainDale.”

Elsewhere in England, there’s talk of Ed Miliband's plan to freeze energy prices. Sunny Hundal from Guardian wrote, “Breaking: Ed Miliband's big announcement will be a pledge to freeze energy bills until 2017.” Chris Ship with ITV News added, “According to @PickardJE Labour have put up Ed's plan to "freeze" energy prices already.” Jonathan Haynes also at the Guardian confirmed, “Labour have put up Miliband's energy policy before he's even announced it.”

Also in London, Dan McCrum at the Financial Times explains about Houses beating households. He added, “Commenters in full flow after we pointed out that the average London house is now earning more than its occupant.” Josh Noble came up with a plan: “London houses now earn more than Londoners... I'm going to quit work and become a 3-bed semi in Hounslow.” Danielle Ivory with Bloomberg News went one step further, “Children everywhere dream of one day growing up to be a London house.

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