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Sep 24, 2013

In what-terrible-thing-did-someone-say-today news, the Columbia Journalism Review caught quite the gem of atrocity in the Wall Street Journal. Dan McCrum with the Financial Times explained, “AIG Ceo Benmosche compares political anger about bonuses to racist southern demagogues behind lynchings.” Colleague Martin Arnold added, “CJR: WSJ buries the lead - Benmosche says outrage at #AIG bonuses was “just as wrong” as lynchings of blacks.” Freelancer John McQuaid wrote, “Actual news emerges in reporting that undermines the laudatory theme/purpose of a WSJ profile. Solution? Bury it.” Ryan Chittum from the Columbia Journalism Review pointed out, “Buried as in, quote is not in the story at all. left to a blogpost two days later.”

In less happy media news, Politico’s Dylan Byers tells us how Newsweek owner was hit by the Newspaper Guild. Freelancer John McQuaid tweeted: “Sorry, Newsweek employees, you can't say anything bad about your new bosses. Also, no visible tattoos or piercing.” Josh Sternberg with Digiday said, “IBT Media dress code: no denim jeans, sweat suits, low-rise pants, sneakers, halter tops, T-shirts, micro mini-skirts.” Kate Sheppard at the Huffington Post pointed out, “Whoever wrote these rules has clearly never met actual reporters before.” Maximillian Potter with 5280 Magazine had another though: “Media bosses like to thump chest about speaking truth to power; just not about them.”

For more frustration, the New York Times’ Charlie Savage writes that a Former F.B.I. Agent Pleads Guilty in Leak to A.P. Freelancer Ali Winston said, “Former #FBI agent pleads guilty to [leaking] classified info on foiled bomb plot in#Yemen to @AP.” Fellow freelancer Jason Leopold explained, “Ex-FBI agent leaks info to AP on May 2, 2012. Next day, he's suspected of having child pornography on his computer,” and added, “Govt boasts abt secretly obtaining reporters' phone records to identify AP source that it used to secure guilty plea.” Alex Wayne with Bloomberg News put it another way, “Here lies investigative reporting on the U.S. government, the military and intelligence services; 1970 - 2013. RIP.”

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