News that’ll make you angry

The New Republic writes that White House Internships go to kids of top Democrats. Amanda Silverman there said, “Feeling cheated that Silverman lacks the same ring as Summers. Great @juliajfisher story abt famous-spawn WH interns.” Colleague Hillary Kelly found the story “Simultaneously totally unsurprising and entirely disturbing.” Alan Suderman from the Center for Public Integrity wrote, “D.C.’s Georgetown Day School produced more White House interns than the states of Florida, Pennsylvania, or Illinois.” Alex Burns from Politico had a suggestion: “A story I'd read: top 10 most prestigious and buy-able government jobs (Euro ambassador, WH intern, etc.)”

Roy Greenslade from the Guardian tells us that Lloyd's List, the world's oldest newspaper, will give up on print. Alex Howard explained, “Shipping news steams into digital.” Tim Fernholz with Quartz thought it was “About time.” Ron Fournier with the National Journal wondered, “What is this, news*paper*?”

In this-is-why-we-can’t-have-nice-things news, Popular Science announced they’re no longer letting readers comment online and explained Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments. Freelancer Celeste Headlee tweeted this quote from the piece: "Uncivil comments not only polarized readers, but often changed a participant's interpretation of news story itself.” Reeve Hamilton from the Texas Tribune liked another bit of the editorial: "Comments can be bad for science. That's why, here at, we're shutting them off.”

For another infuriating story, USA Today’s Alison Young found out that the Maker of dangerous pain pills is 'ghost' that can't be found. Lindsay Deutsch there said, “Must-read: Fascinating and important report about mysterious Mexican pain pills with no traceable source.” Colleague John Hillkirk wrote, “Drug-tainted pills showing up in supplements used by aging Americans. #aarp.” Danielle Ivory at Bloomberg News explained, “Maker of popular supplement uses fake addresses, lies about ingredients & may not exist.”

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