Ted Cruz and the 21 hours

In an attempt to end Obamacare once and for all, Ted Cruz just ended at 21 hour filibuster. But before that happened, he read his daughters Green Eggs & Ham from the Senate floor. Charlie Spiering at the Washington Examiner wrote, “Missed this super-cute photo of @SenTedCruz daughters watching their Dad on the Senate floor.” Jennifer Bendery with the Huffington Post conceded, “Okkk that's cute.” Bret Baier at Fox News pointed out they, “Got their bedtime story from CSPAN.” Patricia Murphy with Daily Beast agreed the whole thing was “So cute.”

According to Jeff Zeleny at Yahoo News though Rick Perry said that shutting down government to defund Obamacare is not a good option Rick Klein with ABC News explained, “Rick Perry breaks with Ted Cruz on govt shutdown."Evan Smith at the Texas Tribune tweeted: “.@governorperry: ‘Nonsensical’ to shut down gov't over funding of #ACA #2016.” Pat Garofalo with U.S. News & World Report pointed out, “When you've even lost Rick Perry…”

To explain it all, Dylan Byers wrote about Ted Cruz, Wendy Davis and media bias for Politico. Matthew Yglesias at Slate called it a “Really great careful and rigorous quantitative analysis of Cruz vs David media coverage from @DylanByers.” Alex Seitz-Wald at the National Journal said, “Helps that entire left was behind Davis, while Cruz has fractured right.” Brian Beutler with Talking Points Memo tweeted: “Refs, worked.” J.K. Trotter from Gawker tweeted this quote from the story: “He can’t actually block the Senate from going about its business—but symbolically, it’s more or less the same.”

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