What does Jeff Bezos think of newspapers?

Jeff Bezos suddenly bought the Washington Post this summer but has kept mostly quiet about the whole thing. Now, ABC News’s Joanna Stern writes Amazon's Down-to-Earth CEO Reaches for the Stars. She also tweeted, “I also spent some time talking with Jeff Bezos about some non-tablet news. Spoiler: We are going to space together.” Andrew Beaujon with Poynter Online online called it, “Understated and detached headline on ABC News' Jeff Bezos interview,” and added, “Bezos: ‘complaining isn't a strategy.’ He is going to LOVE working with journalists.”

In fact, Beaujon was so interested in the interview that he elaborated on Poynter with Bezos: Printed newspapers ‘may be a luxury’ item. Sam Litzinger with CBS News explained, “Jeff Bezos on the future of printed newspaper.” Freelancer Susan Farlow wondered, “Will advertisers flock to run ads on luxe travel?” Monica Guzman at the Seattle Times called the whole thing “Interesting…”

The news was so big that the Today Show also covered Jeff Bezos saying that newspapers may become a ‘luxury item’. Mathew Ingram at GigaOM wrote, “Not a bad analogy from Bezos: ‘People still have horses but it's not their primary way of commuting.’” Amanda Zamora with ProPublica added, “bezos sees future where ‘printed newspapers on actual paper maybe a luxury’ (assuming internet equality is a thing).”

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