Disturbing news

The Guardian has Revealed Qatar's World Cup 'slaves' or Nepalese migrant labourers, as the story describes them. Scott Bixby at Bloomberg Businessweek said, “Dozens of Nepalese ‘workers’ (read: slaves) have died during a building binge paving the way for Qatar's Olympics.” Freelancer Rania Khalek said, “Guardian investigation reveals 44 Nepalese workers died from 4 June-8 August in Qatar.”

In similarly appalling news, the Wall Street Journal writes about The New Asylums: Jails Swell With Mentally Ill. Tom Lauricella there called it an “Important story.” Colleague Kathryn Lurie pointed out, “America's 3 biggest jail systems represent the largest mental-health treatment facilities in the country.” Michelle Coffey with MarketWatch elaborated, “In Oregon, about half the state's 14,000 prison inmates suffer from some type of mental-health issue.”

Here’s very disturbing Video Footage of the Shooter at the Washington Navy Yard. Mark Albert wrote, “FBI releases video of Aaron Alexis at Washington Navy Yard on day of shooting.” Steve Grzanich at CBS Chicago issued a “CONTENT WARNING.” Denise Rosch from NBC Las Vegas 3 added, “He knew enough to hide. No insanity here.. just evil.”

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