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Starting off today’s media news, Matthew Zeitlin at BuzzFeed explains How Chrystia Freeland Hastened Reuters Next's Demise. Christopher Flavelle with Bloomberg News tweeted: “Good reporting on @cafreeland's time at Reuters. I'm sure there's more to it, but this isn't pretty.” Spencer Ante with the Wall Street Journal said, “Can't wait to read this @learmonth: tic-toc on Reuters' attempt to launch a website.” Jordan Weissmann at the The Atlantic added, “‘The idea that it had to be monetized caught them by surprise’ - On the death of Reuters Next.”

Also at BuzzFeed, John Herrman writes that Imgur Is Now Bigger Than Reddit. Nieman Lab tweeted: “Not only is Imgur bigger than Reddit, ‘users are treating Imgur as a destination rather than a simple image host.’” Walt Frick with the Harvard Business Review wrote, “Sigh. One day soon the internet will just be one giant image with a couple all-caps words on it.” Emily Cohn from Huffington Post reacted with a simple: “Woah.”

From the Wall Street Journal, Farhad Manjoo suggests that Twitter Must Resist the Pressure to Change After IPO. Amanda Lilly at MarketWatch tweeted this quote from the op-ed: “The danger in Twitter's IPO is that it'll be pushed to turn into something for everyone.” Antonio Regalado with Technology Review wrote, “Glad someone said this about Twitter. It's becoming more tedious, less interesting.” Brian Ries at Newsweek Global added an emphatic “AGREE.” Mary Catherine Wellons from CNBC added, “Keeping Twitter weird.”

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