Rare negative Cory Booker news

The headline Now Revealed by Stripper by Michael Barbaro in the New York Times is about a candidate, but not the one you think. This time, the focus is on Cory Booker’s affinity for Twitter. To be clear, it’s not that we aren’t fans of the Newark mayor, but as news people, it’s comforting to see the normally pristine politico’s reputation take a punch or two. Adam Gerik at the Peoria Journal Star tweeted this quote from the story: “The most shocking part of the story was learning that there is a vegan strip club in Portland.” In fact, that quote was so popular that Daniel Strauss with Talking Points Memo and Brandon Larrabee of News Service of Florida tweeted the same one. Adam Serwer from MSNBC wrote, “For a stripper, politeness from a single man.” Mathew Ingram with GigaOM just thinks, “the whole thing is sad.” But what if there’s a secret online alias for John Oliver to dance to?

Naturally, BuzzFeed picked up on it where Benny Johnson ran: Cory Booker's Interesting DM's With A Portland Stripper. Ryan Beckwith at Thunderdome tweeted: “#Humblebrag: Taking a screen grab of Portland stripper's Twitter page for your story where it shows ‘Follows you.’” Jon Russell at The Next Web wrote, “‘It’s only fair’ -- Cory Booker has POTUS shot but can't spell, or is he 'connecting with people on their level.’”

Looking at the other end of a candidacy, the New York Times has a trailer for a documentary they’re creating about Christine Quinn’s mayoral race called Hers to Lose. Sam Dolnick there called it a, “Very intriguing trailer for NYT documentary on Christine Quinn and what went wrong.” Freelancer Donna Brazile added, “This is incredible, humbling.”

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