Today in tech

According to Tom Warren at The Verge, Bill Gates has admitted Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake, and blames IBM. Chris Ziegler there wrote, “‘Abort, Retry, Fail?’ still stands as the most confusing prompt in the history of personal computing.” Kate Hinds with WNYC labeled the news: “Things Bill Gates would have done differently.” Stuart Pfeifer from the LA Times still wasn’t convinced and wrote, “Sure this isn't the onion?”

Elsewhere on the internet, Business Insider unveils the Homeless Coder. Jay Yarow there said, “To all snarking on teaching homeless to code. His reply: ‘I know I'm learning something and that's what I care about.’’” Taylor Lorenz with the Daily Mail tweeted: “After Just Four Weeks, That Homeless Man Learning To Code Has Almost Finished His First App.” Margarita Noriega at Reuters added, “Very nice to see @socarolinesays's story on homelessness and coding. A home has little to do with having dreams.”

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