Featured journalist: Cotton Delo

Sep 27, 2013

Today's featured journalist is Cotton Delo, Advertising Age's San Francisco bureau chief, digital media/tech correspondent, and general wonder woman. Also, she goes by her middle name and was thusly named after Cotton Fitzimmons, if you were wondering (which we know you were, so don't lie). Rumor has it she must explain its origins to someone on the phone at least once a week.

Delo joined Ad Age as a reporter on the social media, which at the time meant Facebook and Twitter, but soon expanded to Tumblr, Foursquare and Pinterest. Before joining AdAge however, Cotton worked for AOL's City's Best, and also played an important role in the beginnings of Patch, before it even had a name. If all that isn't impressive enough, she also reportedly speaks Portuguese and taught English in Brazil.

Sneaking a peak at her portfolio, a few recent headlines jump out at us, such as "Does Facebook Know You're Pregnant?" and "Threat of Patent-Troll Litigation Looms Large for Digital Agencies." It's clear from such headers that this reporter knows the tech beat inside and out. Also according to her bio, she's an aspiring novelist--and considering her favorite fictional journalist is Gray Grantham from "The Pelican Brief," we're pretty sure we'll want to read her first book. As no doubt will you.

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